About Me

I am an Environmental Geographical Sciences student, I finished my 3 year undergraduate in December 2014 and am currently pursuing my BSc Honours at the University of Cape Town. My majors were EGS and Geology but after suffering for three years, I realised Geology was not my cup of tea (and I’m a big tea person!) So that’s why I’m doing EGS where my academic interests lie with sustainability, water management, and climate change.

Outside of class, I sometimes consider myself a foodie. My friends and I love to visit new cafes and eateries. I have not been consistently snapping pictures of the places and the food and I’m hoping to improve on it now that I have this blog as a sharing platform :).


Wanderlusting after new locations occupies at least 50% of my time. The love for travel in me was ignited when my dad took my family on an overseas trip to Canada and China where I was left to explore the cities on my own. Since returning from that trip, I have had the travelbug and have since travelled back to China. I also ticked many activities off my bucket list when I finally got to do a Eurotrip last year in June/July (2014). In that time, I visited: Italy, Vatican City, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Spain. I have not explored those countries extensively and cannot wait until I save up enough $$ to visit again! πŸ™‚

In the mean time, I have opted for a slightly more affordable option. My 3 friends and myself have booked our plane tickets for Southeast Asia to celebrate our (hopefully) graduation at the end of 2015! I’m in the process of scouring the internet for information that could help with the trip planning so If you have any advice, please do let me know :).


I started this blog in the hope of meeting like-minded foodies and people who also aspire to travel the world πŸ™‚ If you have any suggestions, questions or recommendations. Drop me a line at: mag_num88@hotmail.com or leave a comment πŸ™‚





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