Blasts of Bangkok

A few months ago, I did a tour to Bangkok and Pattaya. I did not enjoy the tour as I felt rushed and I believe that I didn’t get to experience the country as much as I should have. Nonetheless, I still loved the time that was spent in the country


 and all the wonderful sights and foods that Thailand has to offer. This post reviews just a few of the places that we went to in the few days that we were in Bangkok.

To start off, it was a very festive time for us to be there – we were there on the two days before New Years’ Eve and this was the traffic when we first went to Siam Paragon (hardly moving)


We went to the aquarium in Siam Paragon and it was quite impressive for them to have such a variety of fish contained in the basement of a shopping mall.

Jelly fish in the aquarium
Jelly fish in the aquarium



The rest of the mall was ordinary enough with the usual big brands. I didn’t spend a lot of time there as I spent an hour or two in the aquarium.


The Asiatique Market was located quite far away. We got there by bus but I know there is a free ferry that transports passengers there and brings them back. Stations are on the river bank by the Saphan Taksin Skytrain station.

I really enjoyed this market as there were many shops that sold really nice clothing at really decent prices. I’m sure there are other markets where you can get the goods for cheaper but I enjoyed the structure of this market. The whole waterfront area was nice to walk around, there is also a ferris wheel and many restaurants.



Wat Arun

Accessible by boat on the river, it stops right outside the temple. There is an entrance fee to get inside the temple but it is not expensive 🙂 Once inside, visitors have the opportunity to climb up the very steep pogoda. Although our guide did not do it as he says it is disrespectful to the buddhas and gods. There were many visitors who climbed up though and he said they can be excused because it is not their religion and if they pay their respects to the gods afterwards.

Before you go inside, there is a little room on the left and right. In here, you can buy blessed merchandise. There are a variety of different buddhas depending on the blessing that you seek. Outside there are also many vendors that sell souvenirs and snacks.


Details of Wat Arun – Temple of Dawn
A pogoda at the Temple of Dawn - Wat Arun
A pogoda at the Temple of Dawn – Wat Arun


View from the cable car in Ocean Park
View from the cable car in Ocean Park

The temple was beautiful, it is quite something to walk around and admire the statues and the mosaic that make up the temple.

Outside the fee paying part, there are other parts that you can explore, there are plenty of other buildings that will make for good photos! 🙂


Views from the ferry



Dreamworld Bangkok

The tour also took us to a theme park, I am not entirely sure why. Maybe it is for the children on the tour who might not be interested in visiting the temples of Bangkok and who are too young to appreciate the city culture. We had lunch at a buffet style food court inside the theme park and was given time to go enjoy the rides with our unlimited rides wrist bands.

There was an snow park in which you can pose with arctic animals. There is also a slide that you can ride down on a tube. I had gotten sick on the trip and therefore did not stay in there for very long. It was really hot outside but they do provide you with a big puffy jacket and snow boots when you enter.

There are thrill rides in the park which satisfied the older children. The super splash is a log ride which creates a giant splash that wets not only the riders but also people next to the rides. Some people were smart enough to get plastic rain covers but I got absolutely soaked. It was hot enough for me to dry off without getting cold though.


The big splash ride at Dreamworld just outside of Bangkok

On our last day, we visited the Baiyoke building – the tallest building in Thailand. We went up to the revolving floor, visited the exhibitions and then had the buffet lunch. The views were not very exciting. It was just expanses of cityscape that is similar to big cities elsewhere. The food was also not to die for, although there was a big variety to choose from.

The roads of Bangkok as seen from the Baiyoke Tower
The roads of Bangkok as seen from the Baiyoke Tower


Looking out onto the city of Bangkok with a cuppa
Looking out onto the city of Bangkok with a cuppa

However, there was a market in the same street which is worth a trip. I got quite a few dresses and tops from there when I decided to leave lunch early 🙂

We also went to visit the Erawan shrine. It’s a buddha statue with four sides to it. It is hidden amongst skyscrapers in a small courtyard. when you pay your respects, you are supposed to do so in front of each face, moving in a clockwise direction. Apparently you can pray for things and once it has been granted, you are supposed to journey back to thank the buddha to keep your good fortunes going 🙂


Bangkok was a blast to visit and I wished that I had been able to visit the Grand Palace and some of the other big temples. I also wish we had more time to grab street food and just walk around in the city. I will be returning to Bangkok in November this year and I will be sure to make up for lost time! 😀


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